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A soul and a soul unhitched,
A deep and hearty ache, uncloaked desolation,
Stretched out too thin too tightly.

How much pain can an already pained man endure?

Head still,
Neck slanted,
gently resting,
but there is nothing gentle,
and the rest is disturbing.

These sounds inside, louder than the outside,
with chaos swarming despite external calm.

There is no calm like the delicate decay of corpses,
wilting roses as a carcass,
a cold row of dead bodies,
or of love.

Life is decay,
a sorrowed song echoed between heartbeats,
feet stiff without tapping,
trying but fucking tried.

There was a time for trying,
when trying was being and to be was everything.

Have you ever lost your best friend?

You hope they found themselves,
Because they were never lost,
they just left your side.

What amount of breaths could stop this chocking?

Motivation nullified by extinguished vigor.
There is no motivation.

Benefits of toxic relief exhausted,
There are no benefits.

When the dead remain,
every spark yearns towards nothing.

When I am laid,
I am laid in Earth.



9/11 in Colour

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For Sale. 18×24 acrylic and mixed medium. 75.000.

There’s No Rest for the Wicked

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Your teeth are trashed,
your lungs are in pain,
nose broken, lips red,
sitting back slyly,
waiting for the rain,

Up down left right,
For some,
life is just a game,
in out in out and leave,

There’s No Rest for the Wicked,

There's No Rest for the Wicked

For Sale. 18×24 acrylic and mixed medium. 50.000.

Writing Challenge, Entry 13 : Only 5 Minutes

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Exclamation in a hidden reverie,
Somethings on the outside are really inside of me,
Like this flow outwards it will always be,
The same and same at least to some degree.

To be honest I feel like a schmuck,
It’s not a matter of wit but of luck,
These words come and go and when they come it’s yuck,
haha I really just don’t give a fuck.

If I could do it steady I’d be the best at rap,
It would give me a chance to let my mind unwrap,
Too many words and emotions stuck and in a big trap,
But hey hey hey, again, I don’t give a crap.

I’m an awful speller, thank god for spell check,
I have an awful memory, thank god for history,
I don’t know a goddamn thing, thank google for a godlike victory.

Buddha, who dat?
Oh oh, this text is all supplementary!

Challenge completed.

Writing Challenge, Entry 10 : the 44th and You

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We all keep looking up for a ladder,
but what we see is a tree, half-assed pedigree.
In the cache sits chaos,
envisioning entropy and derange in the dark.

On a branch down sits a mighty force,
this great leader all hailed,
he who could have lifted us up,
has fallen.

Have any of you seen that video on youtube,
the one with the decapitated snake, cut in two,
and somehow it still manages to bite it’s own tail?

Fangs sinking in, this is the reality we live within,
Snickering grows with some feelings out to get you,
but all men and all women in the world have it known,
that the things we wish for and the things we really need,
are close by at arm’s length,
within our reach,
and ready to be shown.

Stand up and climb.

Writing Challenge, Entry 9 : Nothing Fancy Plato

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I began tonights blog entry as a deep philosophical post regarding psychosis and reality. It is my belief, that “within psychosis resides true reality” and I have a lot of quotes and examples to use as my best attempt to explain that, but it was too much. Too much for me to bear right now, because explaining something so grand and profuse would take careful planning, and to be honest – I didn’t have it in me tonight.

Instead of not writing anything at all, which I normally decide to do, I convinced myself to just start typing an entry, and here we are almost done.

I like this quote from Plato, acting as Socrates, “How can you prove whether at this moment we are sleeping, and all our thoughts are a dream; or whether we are awake, and talking to one another in the waking state?

Plato states the idea of wonder so clearly, that I really do hope it makes you wonder – if at least for a second.