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27 Million People in Slavery, 2010

27 million slaves have a value of about 10.8 billion dollars.

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On This Day 26

March 26, 1940

Nancy Pelosi is born.

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Happy birthday, Nancy!

Only in America

Kristin Davis, former ‘Manhattan Madam’, runs for New York Governor.

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Rub-N-Tub Massage Parlor’s… Yes.
Weed… Yes.
Cloning… Yes.
Gay Marriage… Yes.
Prostitution… Yes.
Abortion… Yes.
Grenades… Yes.
Bestiality… Yes.

Health Reform

The bills have been passed in the U.S House of Representatives. President Obama is scheduled to sign the bills into law on Tuesday, March 23.

What does it mean for you?

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Has America been heard or have we been ignored?


“We human beings are not born prejudice.”

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North Korea

This video series demonstrates the complete dominion of an entire nation.

“It’s been called the end of the world.” – Shane Smith,

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Being the fifth largest army in the world, there is 1 enlisted soldier for every 25 citizens in North Korea.