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Writing Challenge, Entry 13 : Only 5 Minutes

Exclamation in a hidden reverie,
Somethings on the outside are really inside of me,
Like this flow outwards it will always be,
The same and same at least to some degree.

To be honest I feel like a schmuck,
It’s not a matter of wit but of luck,
These words come and go and when they come it’s yuck,
haha I really just don’t give a fuck.

If I could do it steady I’d be the best at rap,
It would give me a chance to let my mind unwrap,
Too many words and emotions stuck and in a big trap,
But hey hey hey, again, I don’t give a crap.

I’m an awful speller, thank god for spell check,
I have an awful memory, thank god for history,
I don’t know a goddamn thing, thank google for a godlike victory.

Buddha, who dat?
Oh oh, this text is all supplementary!

Challenge completed.


Writing Challenge, Entry 10 : the 44th and You

We all keep looking up for a ladder,
but what we see is a tree, half-assed pedigree.
In the cache sits chaos,
envisioning entropy and derange in the dark.

On a branch down sits a mighty force,
this great leader all hailed,
he who could have lifted us up,
has fallen.

Have any of you seen that video on youtube,
the one with the decapitated snake, cut in two,
and somehow it still manages to bite it’s own tail?

Fangs sinking in, this is the reality we live within,
Snickering grows with some feelings out to get you,
but all men and all women in the world have it known,
that the things we wish for and the things we really need,
are close by at arm’s length,
within our reach,
and ready to be shown.

Stand up and climb.

Writing Challenge, Entry 9 : Nothing Fancy Plato

I began tonights blog entry as a deep philosophical post regarding psychosis and reality. It is my belief, that “within psychosis resides true reality” and I have a lot of quotes and examples to use as my best attempt to explain that, but it was too much. Too much for me to bear right now, because explaining something so grand and profuse would take careful planning, and to be honest – I didn’t have it in me tonight.

Instead of not writing anything at all, which I normally decide to do, I convinced myself to just start typing an entry, and here we are almost done.

I like this quote from Plato, acting as Socrates, “How can you prove whether at this moment we are sleeping, and all our thoughts are a dream; or whether we are awake, and talking to one another in the waking state?

Plato states the idea of wonder so clearly, that I really do hope it makes you wonder – if at least for a second.

Writing Challenge, Entry 8 : ALL Roads to HIM

The remains of a man are buried in clay,
some yellow machine did the heavy lifting,
and now four children carry the weight,
but still, lively things grow above him.

I’ve been told not to think too hard,
but if I don’t think is that escaping?
If I don’t think,
is that hopeful fear commiserating?

Eight hands hold many years now,
digits and digits of ideas and tears,
flowing rough river rapids like Jude,
brother of peace and all knowing, but not.

And here we are now.

I was dreaming in the night,
and instead of singing at the stars,
a sad song of depletion and plight,
I decided to become one with them.

Hell below me,
at my feet,
a firm foundation,
bones buried intended to brace thisss –

Wisdom seeped in before it slips out,
and now outsiders hold strong for me.

So above with everything beneath,
and bubbles blister inside me.

Thoughts surounding thoughts,
are you thinking?

A sphere seen through,
reflecting colours and light,
glowing as so many others do,
just one of many branching out.

These idea-bubbles roam royale ridges,
as they also bolster my mind beneath them,
Wordly wisdom seeped in before it could slip out,
and now outsiders and insiders are one.


p/s/ * did I mention that I am a master of photoshop?

Writing Challenge, Entry 7: Sense Irrelevant

Trickle tropic post.

Rasping blue straws,
berry sweet for your hurts hurry.
A drip-drop of vanilla whisper dear,
because you’re my lovely host.

I smell smells via my memory,
more than I would or will too,
smell smells of my death-contrary.

Who I am is the same as saying,
Where I’ve been and where I’m staying.

They don’t all come from sprays,
liquid linen or sheets,
some from fairies,
some sharp like beats.

All good to behave, understood?

Trickle tropic post.

I don’t edit shit – the writing challenge is for practice, practice, practice – as Salvador Dali painted – a connection to the thoughtless – is psychosis true reality?

Writing Challenge, Entry 6 : Choice & Fear

Somethings we don’t have – not because we are unable to attain them, but because we chose not to have them.

Everyone should know by now that the key variable which holds us back from having all of our dreams-attained is our own fear. Be it fear of consequences, fear of pain, fear of failure, fear of, fear of, fear of fear. Fear keeps us complacent and accepting of our own current state, and this can be our greatest enemy which prevents us from growing and becoming profound.

Dears, in the last paragraph I had no idea if I should use ‘that’ or ‘which’ and though it hardly matters I’m sure – I think I used the wrong word and they should read ‘that holds’ and ‘that prevents’. Fear holds and prevents, but I fear not to continue on. You may continue to Grammar Girl if you do care to learn the difference.

Face your fears and attain All. I’ll not take my time explaining ways of which (theres that word again) one is able to do this, as I’ll simply guide you here to read this article: Overcoming Fear .

And I’ll end with two slices of bread:

Muhammad Ali, one of the greatest and most influential boxers and athletes in all of history disliked to train. He hated the effort of eating right, day in and day out, of sweating heavy, and exhausting his body and muscles in the efforts to teach them to grow stronger the next day just so he could do it all over again. But it was worth it. Training is not fun, but for Ali – the end made the means worth it, as look at his legacy left behind today.

“Mastering others is strength. Mastering yourself is true power.” – Lao Tzu