Happiness & Purple Grass

The outside world comes from within.

Tis unfit for a being to distress over things which we cannot control. Outside of our own cognition, we can control nothing besides our own personal opinions and volitions. Absolutely nothing outside of our mentality, even our bodies, is controllable by us.

Now, you might be thinking this is bullshit, but let me explain.

You may be confusing your control of the outside world with your influence on it – for example, when in a car if you turn the steering wheel left you go left, if you turn it right, you go right, and if you push on the accelerator pedal – your speed increases. Your influence on the physical world may seem like you’re in ‘control’ of that car, but what happens when your car gets stuck in deep mud and that acceleration pedal does nothing? Or, if you’re power steering pump seizes and your wheels won’t turn? You clearly don’t have control over what you initially thought you did.

But you still have INFLUENCE. You can get out of the car and dig the mud from around the tires. You can repair the power steering pump and regain influence over your steering.

You can stay positive, you can control your opinion to remain positive, and you can control your volition (your will), to keep moving forward.

Truly understanding this idea and all it’s inherent meanings is the core philosophy of being Happy.

Consider the ‘nature’ of things : a glass vase existing under even the most delicate carekeeping will, on a long enough time span, break; a living organism will eventually be diminished, either by time or a gun or by impact from a large object or by a or by a or by a. Things do happen. You cannot control that fact.

Further more, statistics and the study of the bell curve (look outside the 99.7%) proves that all and everything can exist, pigs do fly, there is a god, grass is purple, and you will live forever. Anything and all that you can imagine will become and probably is – true.

So, accept the fact and choose to be happy despite not having control of the outside world. Choose to be in control of your own opinions which is also your choice to remain HAPPY.

Water does wet, seeds do grow, grapes do get eaten. Red wine does stain. Men do die. Tears dry.

The study of happiness is of great advantage. It cured my depression. When my hands can hold the weight of my mind, I’ll be able to express upon this topic more.


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