Writing Challenge, Entry 3 : Slavery, ATP, Caffeine, & the Tao

Somewhere out there, it was a humid summer day. Ladies and gents did their bidding, and although I say ‘their’ bidding what I truly mean is bidding of their masters. It’s what we all do. We eat foods and by our own senses we encounter that our bodies perform miraculous chemistry functions turning that food into energy. We spend this in order to do work.

Like water into steam, hot solids and cold liquids transform into energy. At the very core of movement our bodies require thus in a form labeled ‘adenosine triphosphate’ or ‘ATP’. It’s required for any of the short, medium, or long-term cycles that our bodies accomplish to create energy.

I find it curious that caffeine acts on our central nervous system in a similar way that adenosine does, so I ask the universe why humans can’t just run off caffeine. I can buy a bottle of 100 pills, each containing 200mg of caffeine for five dollars. That’s five dollars for over 300 cups of coffee. Ask me why popping pills for survival is not possible, and I’ll tell you that I have no efn idea. Ask me why I decided to type out five dollars in longhand yet typed 300 in numerical values, and I’ll tell you that I have no efn idea. There’s a rule for that somewhere, but I don’t care much for rules.

It’s almost two in the morning, and it was hard for me to write this blog post. I’ve been thinking about it all night, but thinking gets one nowhere. I thought about a topic to write on, and so far everything above has nothing to do with that previously imagined topic. This is proof that writing comes from the heart. At first, I wrote “Proof that writing comes from the heart.” and I think that sounds better, but grammar rules told me to add “This is…” and so, here we are, ladies and gents, I humbly do my bidding.

After enough sacrifice we become exhausted. During exhaustion and the process which comes from that time on, we discourage. We depress our souls and dim our spirits. Hate, depression, anger, and fear are unleashed. When strong willed, we ask how to free ourselves from this bondage, and in order to answer I leave you with this story from the Tao.

A student was strongly diminished, and went to his master, he said, “Master, I am gravely discouraged. What shall I do?”

The master replied, “Encourage others.”

And so we are henceforth.


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