Writing Challenge, Day 2.5

Since my last post was a rant, this one is more pleasing to myself.

The Summer sets.
Spinning earth crashes but keeps on,
it will always keep on because it has one goal to witness,
All Fallen rises.

Clothing comes undone and acts like the third season,
left nude to be imbued, try to cause no feud,
swift like a mortally wounding knife, be rude and fight —-
until All is rehung,

Like armour protecting us from something no longer there.

All the small places become smaller,
Time itself slows down.
Energy freezes, and though we usually cuddle to grow warmer,
chemistry doesn’t always work that way.

Push, push, sweep, don’t pull, don’t pull,
You Fool.

The floor is the dirt,
and you can’t sweep to China.

Even if you could, China is not resolute.


One Response

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