Hear the Band

Boom-Two-Three-Four-Boom-Two-Three-Four-Boom does the kick drum’s bass dominate the room’s empty spaces triumphantly. Each concrete kick tickles the core of my soul. Like mimicked voices of angels and demons, soon will shine the blaring tunes of two electric guitars. And unseen by the rocking crowd, the two twin electric beasts unleash two mighty mythical hands that sprawl out towards the crowd to touch them. One hand clutches the shoulder and shakes you violently, while the other smoothly delves into your body like a ghost and clenches firmly onto your heart, leaving a mark never forgotten and always yearned to be felt again.

Conforming to the consistent domination of the drummer’s drum and the melodic melancholy of the guitars music, the bass guitar BOOM-beats, skips, and hops to its own dreary accord. A vocalist takes his queue, and a fantasy is witnessed live by thousands. Shivers shiver my face, then my neck – my shoulders – and my spine – a feeling shared by the entire crowd – and then our bodies move. And then we dance baby, and we rock heavy like heavy rock stars.


2 Responses

  1. I never thought of it that way, well put!

  2. Fantastic Site…

    [..] I Stumbled accross this good post and guessed you guys would like it.[..]…

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