Fourth of July

The exciting explosions cracked like thunder, ripping through the entire night, through the minds and hearts of many, and in their coming they created timeless memories imbued. The luminous lights scattered throughout the sky, hammering off the clouds and landing with trickles on many merry faces. In many wide-open eyes, lots of lovely rainbow colors sprinkled and sparkled in shutters. With each new explosion, my body rocked. The blaring bursts beat in unison with the warm beats of my heart. Never in all of time had a celebration been so fantastic, so glorious, illuminating, or monumental in such brute force and dominating power.

America was a mass of noise and cleverly chaotic eruptions of color and light. Americans tore the night sky apart, just because we freely could. This was our ultimate celebration of freedom, a celebration of our independence from monarchy rule. This was my experience on the Fourth night of July, in a city hailed viva Las Vegas.


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