Id and Ego

Not for the blind, but for those ready to hear:

Ego is driven by Id (our basic survival force) and expands up on Id our desire for material matter. This is our greed to not only live, but to excel rampantly. It is our lust for sex (to live forever) and our love of the feeling called ‘desire’. Our Ego has collected (hoarded) and condensed energy in to the mass of our earthly world density. God is energy of everything that exists, and Ego broke it in to infinite fragments. This is imagination, creativity, and the existence of ALL things coming from Ego’s thought.

Our Ego began to see, and looked around. It’s center of attention is our consciousness – what we hear, see, think or feel – either awake, tranced, or asleep. ‘Names’ and ‘Language’ came to be. You must imagine a thought only world, without matter or separation. God is here and it is where we evolved from, before Id and before Ego separated us. Imagine a seed planted and grown from nothing to something small, and then again and again and again to something greater. This is the evolution of us – the evolution of fragmented energy and thought because of Ego. It started small and weak, and built up on itself mathematics, music, science, and more. As God is separated – new growth of the Ego affirms Id’s success, and grows yet further from the One original source.

We do have the choice to understand and feat Ego within our individual selves and become God, again.


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