Frequency Shift

The past few times while meditating, I’ve been apt to listen to Brown Noise. The noise is comforting and not as violent as white noise. The noise helps an immense amount while meditating, as with it and with closed eyes, you can really separate yourself from this 3rd density dimension of earthly life.

There is a consistent static in my head. There is never a time when it’s absent, though it is so faint that it can only be heard if close focus is cast up on it. I assume this static is there for everyone, and though I am not sure what it is – I would guess that it is the frequency of my brain-waves.

Here is how the brain frequencies break down (source):

Gamma – > 30 hz – Spiritual Plane
Beta – 13-30 hz – Alert Awareness
Alpha – 7-13 hz – Relaxation
Theta – 4-7 hz – Dreaming
Delta – < 4 hz – Deep dreamless sleep

What’s interesting is that during my last session, I was able to change the tone of this static at will. If I slowed it from normal, I did in fact feel sleepy, and I knew this because random uncontrollable ‘dream sequences’ would momentarily pop into my head.

Instead, I focused on raising this pitch as high as I possibly could – and things become ever evident to me.

A main goal of mine is to seek my true self, and understand ME fully. I’ve been slowly picking away at my surface with questions and confrontations. Today, I wanted to know about GUILT. Particularly that derived of sex. I wanted to understand it’s purpose. In a moment’s flash, a message was dictated to me, and I am so glad.

Sex is not simply reproduction and survival, though that is one reason that we engage and lust for it. But instead, you must know that a baby in it’s mothers womb is partially ‘unveiled’ of the ultimate oneness and ALL encompassing truth. The sensation it feels is physical, is complete, and is very easily replicated by a sexual orgasm. This feeling that is often described as the best feeling one can experience, a climax.

As a baby is born, this womb connection is lost and the baby becomes it’s own physical entity in this new 3rd density world. It’s point of satisfaction is initially in it’s head. This is supported by many theories, including the example of a babies desire to suckle on it’s mothers breasts, thumb, or pacifier.It’s also found in the Khecari Mudra.

This hint of satisfaction is moved to the child’s other head in the genitals, and orgasm is a small temporary connection to this link of truth.

Despite this being true or not, I do feel a small relief from my lust and desires – another key factor in my quest for attaining true understanding of my self. I am a college student, and am surrounded by many beautiful figures. I notice I have a problem of ‘checking out’ almost everyone, and I know this needs to be conquered.

The above is but one moment’s flash of my experiences. More will come.


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