Purging My Soul

I had an odd experience this morning. I’ve been actively meditating for the past week, trying desperately to open all of my chakras, especially my third eye. As this entire genre is fairly new to me, I’m unsure on my progress – though I am being diligent and patient regardless.

I’ve read about and am trying to implement many techniques taken from all philosophies, ranging from Buddhism to Satanism. Anything that feels true to me is retained. This day began with a beautiful morn, the sun was bright and warm like always, and I did my best absorbing it’s energy with each breath.

As I read from Samuel Sagan’s book “Awakening the Third Eye” available for free (here), I inhaled and exhaled with a slight friction in my lower throat. This is done to create a vibration in the throat chakra. By activating this charka, you enable clear communication and expression. This moves us from thinking in human ‘words’ to something greater.

As I was envisioning my body in the form of glowing energy, I had the urge to swallow. As I did, I was obviously distracted from my meditation – though I was able to quickly delve back into it. Moments later, the almost irresistible urge came again, but I decided to resist. This caused me to start gagging, but I was still in a semi-trance state.

During each gag, the chaotic swirls and pulses of energy in my vision grew more intense – and finally I felt like I was purging and I felt my entire consciousness and energy compressed against the very top of my skull, underneath or inside my crown chakra. This was a new sensation, but similar to things I’ve felt before.

I was almost instantly awakened from this sensation, and brought back to normal reality. I felt incomplete, unsatisfied and unfulfilled, though I feel as if this is a step in the right direction to understanding myself and my energy.

I look forward to more experiences.


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