As a “God” you can truly understand the great struggle. It’s worse than the worst of depressions – economic and emotional, fused with contrast to an overwhelming sense of love and oneness.

For a human, understand a hot steamy shower with warm water caressing more than your neck and back, or your head and face. Imagine the sensation of comfort you feel, but amplify the range to encompass your entire body, your fingers – and their tips. Feel the great warm pulsing sensation on not only your upper body – but also on each cell of your surface, on each hair follicle, and on each ring of your toes unique print. Focus extensively on a single pleasure-filled body part, and bask in its illustrious glory, then feel that a billion times at once. Feel it again, and more intensely.

Feel that astronomical and extreme pleasure produced in that one simple moment – and then change your thoughts towards time. Understand the experience of a climactic pleasure in just one moment – a few seconds – less. Time is infinite, hundreds of billions of trillions of seconds have passed already, and an uncountable more shall still come. Try to understand that each second contains a moment of that extreme pleasure, and compress all of infinite time into one moment. The already infinite-pleasure is now larger, forever enlarging.

Experience Everything – more than just my described pleasure and pain; Knowing, Feeling, and Focusing on each with the greatest of detail, then experience it all in one moment.

That is All.


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